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ENGAGE Funded Projects

Project Brief Summaries in PDF format of ENGAGE funded projects

File Project Brief Summary Index
Index of Project Brief Summary Documents
File Project Brief 0002
Exposing bioinformatic programs as Web Services
File Project Brief 0020
Enable Taverna workflows in a Shared Genomics causality workbench
File Project Brief 0024
Docking and Molecular Dynamics Simulations on a Grid Computing Platform
File Project Brief 0044
HiTHeR (High Throughput Humanities e-Research)
File Project Brief 025
Monte Carlo Treatment Planning (MCTP)
File Project Brief 017/018
Crystal Energy Landscape Application
File Project Brief 005
Launch pad application for GENIE Earth system simulator.
File Project Brief 008
Strengthening and enhancing the RMCS application
File Project Brief 042
Integrating field work with the e-lab Notebook with centralised services and archives
File Project Brief 011/012
eSAD image processing and interpretation support tools embedded into the VRE-SDM framework
File OSCAR (no interview available)
Strengthening and supporting the text and data analysis toolkit OSCAR for key users
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